3SG Advertising Opportunities

We recognise that some organisations might want to use this site to advertise services that can benefit our members. To that end, we make a couple of advertising tiles available to prospective clients to buy. You can see these tiles on current site - they appear on the desktop and tablet views of the site but not appear on the mobile version of the site, due to the reduced screen-size on a phone.

The guidelines for the ads is as follows:

  • Dimensions of 600 x 600 pixels (images will be scaled down on smaller screens)​​

  • Maximum file size of 256KB

  • Must be easy to read (please avoid small fonts)

  • The service offered must be viewed as constructive and useful by 3SG management

  • Content of ad must be suitable for our audience - as judged by 3SG management

Please use the contact form on this page to reach out to us, or just send us an email at contact@3sg.org.uk, and we will walk you through our rates and quick reach agreement on how to proceed.

Contact Us about Advertising

Thanks you for expressing an interest to have an Ad on our site.
We will be in touch soon.